Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year 2012

So, here we are.  January 1st 2012.  The beginning of a new year.  A new year to make some sort of improvement to your life.  It's kind of funny how most of us choose the beginning of the year as a fresh start. I got to use my new Bosu ball today! I absolutely love it.  Almost everything you do on that thing, you feel it in your abs! A necessity if I'm going to be introduced to my 6 pack at any point ;)

Since getting back on track in November, things have been going really well. I'm proud of the work I have been putting forth, and very happy with the results.  I think I mentioned in my last post that Laurie had started weighing and measuring us at boot camp if we wanted.  Well, in 3 weeks, I lost 6 lbs and 9.25 total inches.  I was so happy. I new I had started feeling better in my clothes, but that was just an amazing feeling to know I had lost that many inches.  I think measuring is way more necessary then weighing yourself when you are tracking your progress. I have set some goals for myself this year.  I have not put a number on myself.  I know with the goals I have set though, my number is going to change.  It's about being healthy and being a role model for my family.  My first challenge to myself is that I am going to keep track of every mile I complete on my treadmill.  I think it will be fun and interesting to see how far I have traveled each week, month and total at the end of the year. Second goal is to improve my time on the hill climb.  This will be a challenge aimed more for when winter is over.  I plan to climb the hill at least once a week.  Hopefully the bears will keep away =)

I hope that all of you reading this, that are making healthy changes in your life, continue to do so.  There are challenges and some days are easier then others.  If you start each day intending on sticking to your goals, and your new lifestyle, you are succeeding.  It's the morning you wake up and say, that's it, I'm done, that is where you let yourself down.  We are all strong enough to become the version of ourselves we've always wanted to be.  Healthy, happy, and living our lives rather then just existing in them.  Cheers to 2012.  A year full of health, happiness, life and success!

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  1. Hi Jamie,
    I found my way here from your Twitter. My family and I cheered for you on Village on a Diet and now I am excited to join you on this part of your journey through this blog. I am also a mother who strives everyday to be the best I can be. Some days are easier than others! Thank you for sharing...have a wonderful day.